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January 1, 2024

J.O.M.O. and the Art of Doing Nothing

by Erin Linn McMullan

January is the perfect time to embrace J.O.M.O.— the Joy of Missing Out—simply hit pause and practice the delicious art of doing nothing. Clear your schedule. Reconnect to Nature. Remember how to dream and play.

Come spend time with the ocean on tinwis (aka MacKenzie Beach) and let it restore your soul.

Ground yourself in the natural beauty of the west coast when you stay at Indigenous-owned Tin Wis Resort where every room faces oceanfront. Situated within Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Parks, this place has been stewarded by ƛaʔuukʷiʔatḥ (Tla-o-qui-aht) since time immemorial.

On wintry west coast mornings, a glimmer of pink sunrise shimmers above the resort’s gingerbread frost-decorated rooves, ice-mist dances a jig above shoreline, while waves weave lacey cappuccino bubbles ephemeral across the sand.

The season’s King Tides and spectacular storms turn this protected cove into an active sports and wave watchers’ paradise, and make beachcombing a delight. By first light surfers are already charging the waves, but feel free to unwind and start your day slowly.

What if you had an extra day to take it easy? To decompress after the busy holidays and relax into your winter staycation.

Take your cue from the ocean and the phenomena known as slack tide or slack current —that moment when everything stills as the tide changes direction—like that inward meditation when a new year begins.

Cozy up under the covers and sleep in as you sink back into your comfy mattress. Drift off into dreamland as if you’re floating at the edge of the world. And you are—beyond the break of islands on the horizon, there is only ocean as the Pacific stretches from Načiks (pronounced Na-chiks, aka Tofino, BC) to Japan.    

Before you even open your eyes, breathe in that fresh, salty air as you wake, rested and recharged. Tune into the ocean’s melody as your soundtrack for today. Relax and rediscover your inner rhythm.

Stay in your pyjamas as you stand at your sliding glass doors mesmerized by the power of the ocean with your cup of Nespresso® in hand or better yet, bundle up and grab a front row seat on your porch or private balcony overlooking the action.

Preview all your options for play right on your front doorstep:

  • Surf or SUP,
  • Embrace the extremes of a cold plunge in the Pacific and hot tub warm-up,
  • Stroll the beach with your dog and return to fresh towels, blankets, and a biscuit—Tin Wis Resort is pet-friendly,
  • Discover photo-ready treasures like a Mermaid’s Purse or Lightbulb Tunicates washed up by extra-high winter tides, and upload to iNaturalist™ for local scientific identification,
  • Bike at low tide on the expansive and smooth post-King Tide-swept sand,
  • Gather with your family and your camera at Crystal Cove to experience panoramic wave action as winter tides ebb and flow, but stay vigilant for surprise surges.  
  • Wear your gumboots to cross the creek and take the High Tide Trail to Ḥiłwinʔis, (pronounced Hilth-win-is) aka Middle Beach where you can connect with the Tonquin Trail and walk under the rainforest’s natural umbrella.
  • Forest bathe and breathe in all that rich oxygen the Pacific Coast Temperate Rainforest provides. Inhale the petrichor potpourri – that rich scent soil emits after the rain – and the restorative aroma of cedar.
  • Work out with a view by warming-up or down at Tin Wis Resort’s Fitness Centre.
  • Ask the resort’s knowledgeable staff for all the best local seasonal delights.

As you consider your options, use all your senses to notice everything around you – the electricity in the air before a storm, the crows hopping across the lawn and an eagle’s calling to its mate in the distance, the majestic presence of the č̓iinuł (totem pole) Tiičswina, We Survived!, the Indigenous plants in the lush winter-green garden, the wind pushing the swings in the children’s playground, the surfer with his bike propped against the picnic table, waxing his board, and preparing to answer the siren call of the ocean.

The savoury scents from the kitchen. Fuel up and make breakfast an event as you follow those tantalizing aromas to Browns Socialhouse onsite before or after hitting the beach. Make a reservation to come back for lunch or dinner, and #socialize with an all-day social hour on Social Sundays and Industry Mondays. 

If you’re a foodie, dream ahead to summer when Tin Wis Resort hosts the two-day Tofino Wine & Dine 2024 here in this oceanfront garden to celebrate the west coast’s most creative food and drink.  

Spend time with the people that you love in the family-sized two-storey Queen Loft on the resort’s third and fourth floors, where you can cook up a storm and all be together in your home-away-from-home. Fluffy bathrobes are provided for lounging “at home” or your family trek across the lawn to the hot tub.

When it’s wiiqsi?is (stormy weather), your private balcony is the ideal viewing platform.

Hit pause between play and indulge yourself. Soak in the hot tub no matter the forecast. Binge Netflix as the rain and wind perform a duet outside your window. Order takeout for your cocoon (aka your suite) or enjoy a winter picnic outdoors with a firepit and the best view on tinwis.

Let your imagination wander as the marine scape dramatically reinvents itself. King Tides, also known as perigean spring tides, are the most awe-inspiring in winter. The close alignment of the moon, earth, and sun creates a strong gravitational pull on the ocean. When this combines with ideal surf conditions, it’s an invitation for the pros to play. On calmer days, it’s utopia to level up your skills.

Stand still in wonder as you witness the aerial grace of surfers mastering the storm surge and marvel at surreal stormlight-infused sunsets as they catch that last wave.

Enjoy your beach time at tinwis but always remember Qʷaasiinḥapin (pronounced kwa-siin-hap-in): “Let us leave things as they are.” We invite you to take the ʔiisaak pledge to carry yourself with dignity, honour, humility, and respect while travelling within the haḥuułi of the ƛaɁuukwiatḥ ḥaw̓iiḥ.

Celebrate being here with community. From the family-friendly fireworks at 9:30 p.m. on New Year’s Eve to Surfrider Pacific Rim’s Polar Bear Dip and Beach Clean from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. on January 1st, tinwis is the perfect place to kick off 2024.

From sunrise to sunset, this special place is filled with joy and everything you could ever need for a wonderful winter staycation.

Learn more about the traditional place name of tinwis and Tla-o-qui-aht efforts to restore its use: Watch YouTube Video Here.

District of Tofino Council unanimously agreed to support this, and an application to BC Government to have MacKenzie Beach recognized as tinwis meaning “calm waters” is underway.   

In January and February 2024, book your Winter Staycation at Tin Wis Resort by using the code JOMO to buy two nights and get the third night free: Book Here.

Tofino Wine & Dine 2024 tickets are available now for this summer event June 1st and 2nd: Get your Tickets Here.