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June 19, 2023

Your Office by the Ocean: Join the Adventure, Community, and Surfing Lifestyle!

By Rachel Leghissa

Looking for a job that breaks the mold of the traditional office? Look no further, because Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation’s magnificent Tin Wis Resort is hiring, offering you an office like no other. Imagine working in a stunning oceanfront setting, surrounded by the vibrant community of Tofino, British Columbia, on the breathtaking Vancouver Island.

Surfer in Tofino before work

At Tin Wis Resort, your office isn’t confined within four walls; it expands into the limitless expanse of the ocean. This isn’t your average “office job” – it’s an opportunity to connect with adventure, community, and an extraordinary lifestyle. If you’re ready to bring your smarts and professionalism to the table, the Tin Wis Resort team wants to talk to you.

Joining this remarkable team comes with incredible perks, starting with a surf pass that opens up endless opportunities to ride the waves. Just a three-minute stroll from the front desk, you’ll find yourself immersed in the power and beauty of the ocean, letting the rhythm of the surf fuel your soul. And did we mention that every room in this resort boasts a mesmerizing ocean view? Your workspace will be a daily reminder of the incredible environment that surrounds you.

Tin Wis Housekeeping Attendant in Tofino

But it doesn’t stop there. By working at Tin Wis Resort, you become an integral part of the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation community, a rich heritage that spans thousands of years. You’ll experience a sense of belonging and purpose, knowing that your work is making a difference in supporting this ancient community’s presence in Tofino.

Alie Mancuso, a Tin Wis employee, understands the power of community. She finds meaning in her work by being part of something greater. “You are part of a community (working) for a greater cause,” she says. Imagine spending your days riding the waves, then transitioning seamlessly into work, where you contribute to the uplifting of the Tla-o-qui-aht presence in the community. It’s a fulfilling and transformative experience that uplifts you both on and off the waves.

Tin Wis Front Desk Guest Service Agent checking in a hotel guest.

Tin Wis Resort is hiring in various departments, from housekeeping and front desk to maintenance and landscaping. Share this incredible opportunity with your loved ones because, at Tin Wis, you’re not just joining a team – you’re becoming part of a family. Curtis Mason, a Tin Wis Employee, highlights the sense of unity among the staff. “We all lift each other up any way we can; co-workers at work but family outside of work. Those that come work here, they start out friends and they become family really quick.”

Besides the deep sense of purpose and belonging, the perks at Tin Wis are off the charts. As a team member, you’ll receive a surf pass, granting you access to the exhilarating world of surfing right outside your office. Tofino Paddle Surf, located on Mackenzie Beach in front of Tin Wis Resort, offers surf lessons that will have you shredding the waves with confidence.

Tin WIs staff member riding bike on beach to work.

Picture this: pick up your free board rental, head to the beach, conquer the waves with a smile on your face, drop off your board, and walk to work with a heart full of joy. It’s as simple as that.

Experience the indescribable spirit and vibrant atmosphere that fills the air at Tin Wis Resort. Where else can you ride the waves to work and feel a sense of belonging and purpose like no other? Your dream office awaits, and the ocean is calling your name.

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